Community Advisory Group (CAG)

Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site

Please email the CAG facilitator, Ona Ferguson ( to contact CAG members or alternates.

Member List

Representative Organization Interest Represented
Charlie Burgess Open Space Institute Agriculture & Land Conservation
Lois Squire
Alternate: Andrew Squire
Town of Easton Resident
Town of Easton Resident
Agriculture & Land Conservation
Lucas Rogers
Alternate: Laura DeGaetano
Albany County Executive's Office Albany County
Laurie Griffen Saratoga Sod Economic Development
Marla Hodge Mohawk Maiden Cruises on the Champlain Canal Economic Development
Julie Stokes
Alternate: Tim Holmes
Schuylerville Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Development
Peter Goutos
Alternate: Todd Shimkus
Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce Economic Development, Tourism, Recreation
Althea Mullarkey
Alternate: Hayley Carlock
Scenic Hudson/Friends of a Clean Hudson Environmental Group at Large
Chris Bellovary
Alternate: Richard Webster
Riverkeeper Environmental Group - Lower Hudson
Manna Jo Greene
Alternate: Matt Salton
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater/Friends of a Clean Hudson Environmental Group - Mid-Hudson
Maureen Ferraro-Davis Sierra Club/Friends of a Clean Hudson Environmental Group - Upper Hudson
Aaron Mair Sierra Club Environmental Justice
Gil Hawkins Hudson River Fishermen's Association Fishing
Emily Flores, Coordinator Schuylerville Schools Next Generation
Student Representatives (3) Schuylerville Schools Next Generation
Mike Cavanaugh Stillwater School District Public Floodplains Property Owner
David Mathis Recreational Boating
Rich Elder
Alternate: Linda Von der Heide
Rensselaer County
Rensselaer County Economic Development & Planning
Rensselaer County
Ed Kinowski
Alternate: Daniel Carpenter
Town of Stillwater
Village of Schuylerville
Saratoga County
Jack Lawler
Alternate: Kevin Tollisen
Town of Waterford
Town of Halfmoon
Saratoga County
Tom Richardson
Alternate: Thomas Wood
City of Mechanicville
Town of Saratoga
Saratoga County
Corrina Aldrich Washington County Soil & Water Conservation District Soil & Water Conservation District
Dustin Lewis Saratoga County Soil & Water Soil & Water Conservation District
TBD Washington County
Terry Middleton Town of Fort Edward Washington County
Pamela Landi Washington County Washington County
Dan Lundquist Ad-Hoc


CAG Liaisons

Interest Group Representative / Organization Phone / e-mail
CAG Facilitator Ona Ferguson
Consensus Building Institute
(617) 844-1127
CAG Facilitator Maggie Osthues
Consensus Building Institute
(617) 844-1126
WSP Liaison Sarah Asselstine
WSP Liaison John Fazzolari
(716) 684-8060
GE Liaison Bob Gibson
General Electric
(518) 862-2735
GE Liaison Bill Richmond
Behan Communications
(518) 792-3856
HRFO Liaison Danielle Adams
(518) 407-0400
NOAA Liaison Tom Brosnan
(310) 713-3038
NOAA Liaison Lisa Rosman
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(212) 637-3259
NPS Liaison Leslie Morlock
(518) 670-2940
Erie Canalway Liaison Andy Kitzmann
Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor
NPS Liaison Chris Martin
(518) 670-2947
NYSCC Liaison James Candiloro
NYS Canal Corporation
(518) 471-5032
NYSCC Liaison Justin Bills
NYS Canal Corporation
(518) 807-2516
NYSDEC Liaison Susan Edwards
(518) 402-9676
NYSDOH Liaison Angela Martin
NYS Department of Health
(518) 402-7860
NYSOAG Liaison John Davis
NYS Office of the Attorney General
(518) 473-9037
NYSOAG Liaison Jeremy Magliaro
NYS Office of the Attorney General
(518) 402-4957
USEPA Liaison Mike Cheplowitz
USEPA, Region 2
(518) 407-0400
USEPA Liaison Gary Klawinski
USEPA, Region 2
(518) 407-0400
USEPA Liaison Larisa Romanowski
USEPA, Region 2
(518) 407-0400


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